Before You Pull the Trigger There are a Few Things You Need to Know About Modern Ceiling Fans

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Choosing a modern-day fan for your ceiling doesn’t seem all that hard nowadays. However, you should educate yourself on a couple of things before you just go out and buy one.

After all, every gust of air that circulates through your home in the summer will make a difference to the comfort levels of everyone in it. Best of all, you will keep your utility bills down. But, to get it right in picking a winner, you need to decide which room you wish to install a hugger Modern Fan, Ceiling Fans with lights and remote.

No doubt, you will have all sorts of questions troubling your mind. Let’s have a look.

What Size Fan Should You Look At?

The amount of air you get to move with your fan would mostly depend on how many blades you have and how long they are in length. Standard bedrooms would do just fine with blades that measure 42-inches. Any room that is bigger than 12 feet by 12 feet can do with 52-inches with broader and longer blades.

Everyday ceilings feature four blades. However, some fans are equipped with up to six blades. The more blades a fan has, the better the air will move. However, if you’re are strapped for cash, then you should opt for a five-bladed fan instead.

How Far Down Should a Fan Be From the Ceiling?

The minimum space between the floor and the blades of your ceiling fan should be seven feet. You may have seen that not all the rooms in your home are the same height, and may feature different styles. A cooler that hangs way too low in one area may be just right for another room.

Fan suppliers know where every product they sell would fit best. Therefore, they have come up with various styles. You get two models, namely the ceiling hugger and standard models.

Lower ceilings fare much better with hugger fans as it leaves more headspace.

Standard models come equipped with a 6 to 8-inch downrod that extends all the way from the ceiling bracket to the motor. These are adequate for ceilings that are up to eight feet high. Anything higher than that won’t require an extension rod.

How Much Will Homeowners Save on Their Bills?

Fans that feature an energy star label will provide the best energy savings as their motors are said to be up to 60 percent more efficient than standardized fans. What is excellent about these fans is that one can switch the direction of the blades.

What About Overhead Lights?

Do not automatically assume that a fan that shows that light is included on the box would actually have it in the box. Most folks prefer to purchase ceiling fans where they can obtain the lights separately. Be certain to read the small print before you make a decision.

How Does One Go About to Install a Ceiling Fan?

Many folks prefer a DIY installation. However, it may prove to be so much trickier as it will depend on where you wish to have it placed in your home. In many states, the homeowner is within their right to hand the A/C where they please. But, certain cities have limitations as they need an electrical permit or a licensed person to install the fans.

For DIY projects, you just have to follow the guidelines, and you will be fine. Everything should be stated explicitly. However, some companies do not spend too much time on their instructions. Luckily, YouTube has hundreds of installation videos available. You will surely find some form of social media that adequately describe the whole procedure. It is a case of sourcing a video that accurately resembles the one they have at home.

In some instances, the homeowner would have to place a ceiling fan where there was nothing before. Therefore, they would have to cut through the ceiling material as well as the walling to gain access to the wiring. Many of you would find that uncomfortable. This is why you need to call a professional ceiling fan company. They would offer appropriate guidelines to ensure nothing rattles and everything runs smoothly.

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